August 2, 2023

From Dreamscapes to Reality: A Conversation with Tramontana’s Interior Designer, Natasha Grujic

Tell Us About Your Background and Experience

I completed my undergraduate studies in Industrial Design at La Sapienza University in Rome, and then I decided to specialize in nautical design. I pursued my master's studies in Nautical Design in La Spezia, which is surrounded by many Italian shipyards. This allowed me to gain valuable insights into the artistry in crafting some of the most remarkable vessels. I also participated in various workshops, one of which was at Florida International University, where we focused on cruise ships and passenger vessels. While in Italy, the emphasis was more on luxury private yachts. After that, I worked in a renowned yacht design firm in Milan. In 2018, I decided to set sail on an entrepreneurial adventure, establishing my own private design studio, No.Mad Design.

How Did You End Up Working in Interior Design for Yachts?

Coming from Serbia, a landlocked country with no direct access to the sea, people often express surprise and curiosity about my journey into yacht design. My passion for aesthetics and a desire to be involved in something truly captivating initially led me to consider architecture or interior design. However, during my undergraduate studies, I had the incredible opportunity to be taught by the renowned Gianni Zuccon, the designer behind the magnificent mega-yacht Chopi Chopi, which had earned the prestigious "THE WORLD SUPERYACHTS AWARDS" that year and was showcased at a grand event in Genoa. Being there at that remarkable event was incredibly moving; the sheer elegance and grandeur left an unforgettable mark on me. I fell in love with the whole atmosphere and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

How Many Projects Have You Been Involved With?

During and after finishing my studies, I had the opportunity to work on 11 different projects as part of a team, and I've already successfully completed 8 projects on my own. Considering that I'm only 32 years old, I'm proud of these achievements and excited about the many future projects to come.

What is your Favorite Aspect of Interior Yacht Design?

The process of creating a yacht is highly complex, and it involves many people who need to be in constant communication to ensure everything turns out as planned. It all starts with an idea, which we carefully shape and present to the rest of the team responsible for bringing it to life. Seeing the final product in front of us is undeniably the most satisfying aspect of our work, making all the effort and hard work truly worthwhile.

What is Your Personal Design Philosophy?

I love interiors that rely on the skillful use of different materials and textures, creating aesthetically rich spaces. When it comes to designing yacht spaces, I strive to craft environments that are layered, vibrant, and luxurious. My primary goal is to ensure that the user's experience is harmonious and pleasant, with an abundance of intricate details that they can appreciate if they wish to explore further. As they say, the devil is in the details! When it comes to functionality, I consider it an essential aspect that must be addressed from the very beginning of the design process, and I make it a priority. It is particularly important, for example, in the crew areas of the yacht. Despite the limited space in these areas, a well-designed crew area contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and comfort of the yacht's operation.

What Was Your Inspiration with Scorpios?

For the majority of the yachts we've designed, their name serves as the starting point and a significant source of inspiration for our work. Each name carries a certain symbolism. When working on Scorpios, the name evoked images of flowing sand dunes, warm beige tones, and the seamless merging of the desert and sky. These elements became the core of our design, they were integrated into various interior elements and the color scheme. For example, we incorporated wavy patterns into the wall coverings of both cabins and the salon, bringing the sand dune imagery to life. We selected tiles with a beautiful combination of beige and blue tones, using them as accents in the space. Lastly, we added subtle golden details, imitating the sun's radiant rays, infusing the yacht with a sense of warmth and serenity.

You’ve Now Designed Two Yachts for Tramontana and Are Currently Working on Our Third, why do You Enjoy Working with Tramontana Yachts?

Well, Antonio is always open to new ideas and experimentation. He loves striving to be the best and different from others, which I appreciate and resonate with.

With Scorpios almost Finished, what are Some things We can Expect From the New Yacht, Reposado?

As of now, we plan to do something a bit different from our previous projects. We're playing with a more unconventional color palette, incorporating shades like moss green and deep red details. We'll be using natural materials such as rope, stone, and a few exotic woods. Additionally, we're incorporating the latest technical solutions on the market, including state-of-the-art hydro massage nozzles in the shower cabin. Our ultimate aim is to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, allowing guests to truly enjoy their vacation with all their senses.